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Why we need your support

The SKDGallery exists to connect people with great art. For almost two hundred years we have cared for our collection in trust for the nation and encouraged the widest possible access for everyone's education and enjoyment.

In order to continue to care for and display the nation’s pictures, share knowledge and expertise with organisations nationwide and across the world, and foster a deeper understanding and enjoyment of art, we need your support. Each year we must self-generate half of our income and the support of individuals, trusts, foundations and companies play a vital role in achieving this.

Your support will help ensure that everyone, everywhere can access art and enjoy the benefits that it brings. Find out how to become more involved below.

Thank you to all those who support the Gallery.

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For more information on how to support the National Gallery or to make a donation, please contact the Development Department on:

Mobile No: +31659367782