force will That’s what the opposition are banking on merely we are able to quit that by insisting the Constitution

force will That’s what the opposition are banking on merely we are able to quit that by insisting the Constitution

I have already been standing for longer than decades; though Im exhausted i shall continue steadily to stay Frank CA

Our Constitution was created to garantee all of our Personal Freedoms its reprehensable our federal government has utilized as a way to erode those freedoms Spying on people in america SHAME czechoslovakian wife We can not abandon our basics during the name of Terrorist, then we have been no a lot better than all of them Frank otherwise

The saddest of occasions, the wake in addition to change of movement away from respecting the individual rights might even end up being sadder, it is not a fitted option to react to the situation and actually leaves an incorrect legacy toward inheritors of one’s as soon as proud and complimentary culture Frank AR

We escaped from the th floors with the southern area tower on Don’t let anybody remove our very own civil liberties inside the label of the time which will posses implied that the terrorists claimed Franklin NY

Worry could be the contrary of admiration

The usa Would It Be’s structure and statement of liberties To paraphrase Franklin, truly the Republic when we could well keep they Fred NJ

Sadly, the torture and wars initiated by all of our leaders shortly after have done much more to deliver our very own nation into a downward course over the activities of previously did Fred WI

The ACLU was actually among the many just teams to sound opposition into internment of Japanese Us americans after Pearl Harbor Fred CA

We should never allow the foes to cause us to ruin our very own freedoms within the label of security Fred OH

Today checking out MANUFACTURING HYSTERIA by Jay Feldman i might say that most smart anyone will never purchase into this but CONCERN federal government approved et al and its particular hours or crisis, whether it is combat, the economic climate or green et al concern can be used to govern the general public covertyl, overtly, by lays of omission, censorship, untruths, etc, etc As IF Stone blogged completely GOVERNING BODIES LIE letting anyone believe that incorrect or leading them to envision and respond incorrect for alterior motives and agendas by those in control therefore is not all of us Frederick MI

Inner fear will ruin you a long time before any outside force will That is what our very own enemies are banking on best we could prevent that by insisting our very own Constitution was recognized and adopted Fredi IA

Gay WA

America stands for independence and fairness for all folk Why don’t we not let an electrical hungry couple of just take that-away from the most! Grams CA

Why carry out I like freedom fear my personal government the higher real question is how come they worry myself i recently wish to be free And for the remainder of humankind are free of charge anything like me clear of captivity all forms of tyranny Free from all misery Gabriel CA

This kind of critical times since these, most of us have to remind our selves with the standards therefore the price of all of our democracy Gail CA

Group died I happened to be in Ny on that day and will remember the tragedy or that question the tragedy on the Bush government gary PA

We refuse to worry terrorists whose best significant weapon are fear mongering the next time absolutely a terrorist alert on a bridge in your area, go drive the across they Gary CA

Too often, we cave in to the concerns in dealing with others in our midst Brave People in the us acceptance those distinctions Gary VA

In ‘times of problems,’ any infraction of a constitutional right’ to cope with the ‘crisis,’ in my opinion, try counter efficient toward alleged intent of such violators to safeguard the constitutional liberties of Amercan residents

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