PTT responsibility time periods and you will running area pointers

PTT responsibility time periods and you will running area pointers

Identifying regular time away from death inside the migratory birds is even a trick attention, since the prices out of yearly survival, if you are helpful, preclude attributing death so you’re able to a certain period of the annual cycle and may restriction personality of products more than likely controlling the people. In one of the few degree to help you link endurance out-of a lot of time-range migrants so you’re able to seasonal schedules, Klaassen ainsi que al. monitored the brand new migration of many types of raptors playing with satellite telemetry, and found you to morality pricing had been in fact high throughout the periods out-of migration.

Tundra swans (Cygnus columbianus) try large migratory waterfowl one reproduce when you look at the tundra habitat through the most of the Holarctic and you can winter season from inside the northern temperate weather within varying amounts of latitude. The latest Us subspecies (C. c. columbianus) nests nearly continuously regarding suggestion of the Alaska Peninsula into the south-west Alaska to the eastern edge of Hudson Bay Canada, plus asian Chukotka . Migration try a well known behavior away from tundra swans, because they invest the season migrating back and forth this new breeding basis. Migration distances and routes are different a lot more certainly will disjunct wintering communities [27–29], making it possible for intricate analysis out-of demographic variables in accordance with type inside migratory habits. Here, having fun with progressive technological and you may logical procedures, i introduce information on circumstances linked to the fresh emergency off tundra swans implanted that have satellite transmitters that migrated adjustable ranges to help you wintering web sites off four different breeding section across the their diversity into the Alaska. We play with a reports-theoretical means and you can known destiny success quote to evaluate brand new relative requirement for points probably impacting this new endurance from swans, in addition to migration length, migratory flyway, years, and you will breeding triumph, when you find yourself accounting to own condition (prevalence of avian influenza viruses and you can bloodstream parasites) and you can contamination. I compare success estimates and you can reproduction-area-certain indicator regarding efficiency to assess prospective exchange-offs between endurance and you can output relating to migration range and you can temporal financing.

Study species

Tundra useful link swans (Cygnus columbianus) are thought good k-chosen varieties as they possess postponed reproduction (don’t breed up until at the least 36 months of age), and therefore are known to real time more than 2 decades in the wild . Tundra swans are extremely based upon towards wetlands to have roosting and you may serving, but have together with adjusted so you’re able to eating with the farming crops . For the investigation, tundra swans was grabbed when flightless, for the annual side molt from inside the during the five various other breeding section for the Alaska (Fig. 1). The fresh new intercourse away from birds is actually computed centered on cloacal functions and you can inner examination. Wild birds have been classified to age due to the fact often locals (we.e. cygnets), 2nd year wild birds (SY; wild birds hatched the prior seasons), or after second year birds (ASY). Next seasons wild birds was indeed popular of old birds of the visibility out of gray feathering on the direct and neck, and often, right back . Swans have been categorized prior to reproduction condition as the often breeders (grownups which have cygnets), territorial pairs (people in place of cygnets on the a territory), or non breeders (ASY otherwise SY wild birds in organizations). Satellite transmitters (system sending terminals [PTTs]; design a hundred, one or two AA batteries [fifty g full size], Microwave Telemetry, Columbia, MD); had been abdominally inserted during the 50 tundra swans (10 at each of 5 various other reproduction parts) regarding the list of the brand new varieties inside Alaska. Transmitters got percutaneous antennas [thirty-two, 33] one to exited the human body to provide the signal energy important for satellite indication.

Place out-of satellite-, demonstrating number one migration pathways off four other reproduction components. Trip and spring season migration routes are similar. Hatched polygons is wintering parts. Very Lower Alaska Peninsula swans do not migrate


PTTs was programmed to send for five h immediately after which change out-of to have 72 h in the summertime and you may cold weather episodes, and turn into of getting 18 h during the migration periods for the fall and you will springtime . The fresh PTTs have been designed to broadcast for 2 many years; if for example the dos-seasons period is surpassed, the responsibility period reverted so you’re able to 5 h for the and you can 72 h regarding to your lifetime of the latest sender. The fresh Argos Data Collection and you can Venue System was applied to locate information on latitude and you will longitude, time, big date, quality of venue, body temperature, and you will craft away from swans instrumented that have PTTs. Unlikely metropolises was indeed blocked based on rate and you will angle of movement while the best value cities were utilized so you’re able to represent every day status .

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